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"Book of Money" by David Buchmuller. A narrative of murder, greed, deception, ability, and cash circulates between two unlikely friends: a ambitious casino CEO and a corrupt mob enforcer compete for control over a gambling empire that is small. When the fate of these company is threatened, both has to discover how to develop into a tool of opportunity instead of a weapon in their struggle to get control.

Place in Manila, Philippines,"Book of Cash" is the story of two unlikely friends--that the colorful Philippines' vibrant anti hero, a tainted former Philippine government official, and the person entrusted with protecting the gaming houses from organized crime: an ex-intel Services Intelligence officer along with also an ex-mafia struck man. This publication is the first setup of the Multi Platform Best Selling series"Secrets of the Game: Inside Information on International Casino Games, Mafia Wars and Betting." Buchmuller, a lawyer and writer, uses his expertise for a lead into the prohibited innerworkings of Manila's casinos and gaming facilities since he attempts to expose the offender base of their gaming establishment. As a top researcher and writer of their bestselling"Secrets of the overall game," he pulls off an remarkable feat in this book: he introduces an inside look at several of the most dangerous people on earth, gaming insiders, organized criminals, along with Philippine police officers.

Buchmuller reveals how Filipino gambling establishments, government officials, and businessmen collude to conduct their organizations . He shows how these strong insiders use their influence at the country's government and law enforcement agencies to ensure that casinos and other gaming facilities aren't shut down thanks to organized crime and safety concerns. Through interviews with a large selection of sources which range from former and current employees of local casinos to law enforcement officers and security protect marriages, this informative and engaging book provides inside information regarding the often-secretive environment of the Philippines' gambling teams. Buchmuller delivers a special insider's perspective of the inner workings of what many consider to be probably perhaps one of the very lucrative businesses on earth. Additionally, he shares stories from his years as a casino match investigator, which provide a firsthand glance at the matches and betting techniques that high officials are willing to risk their contributions for.

Buchmuller offers investigations and statistics on why card counters and floor managers usually move in opposite direction from casino customers. The book describes the normal casino dealer's psychological reliance on the home advantage to make a particular amount wagered on a hand. While he acknowledges that the casino's house advantage is the thing that attracts gamblers keeps them Buchmuller contends that the emotional reasoning behind the house advantage is far more significant than the sum payable on any single hand. According to the gambler, the house edge makes another profit on every hand that a casino employee wins, resulting in a steady second gain for the casino during the long-term process of re investing winnings.

One casino which Buchmuller examines in thickness could be that the Videopoker Machine Championship, that will be thought of as one of the largest appeals to united states. Playing with video poker machines can be a long time pastime for many Americans. Buchmuller asserts this is not necessarily a losing proposal for players. He asserts that Video Poker Machines Championship winners usually wind up getting a very fine residual cash flow, which in turn pays to the constant upkeep of these video machines. The income made by Videopoker system winners is usually at the six figure range, according to Buchmuller.

Another subject that Buchmuller looks into at length in his novel would be the usually under appreciated traits of casino games that could certainly help the casino's house advantage. Specifically, he gasped the gaps between fixed dining table games and slot machines. At a predetermined table match, a collection of card punches is utilized to determine the results of each hand. Each punch is based on exactly the exact identical set of gambling rules, hence, there is no variation in how that the card cries have been employed, ensuring that the predictable result each time a player uses them. Slot machines however, deal several cards each having a number on these as a way to get the outcome they want.

To be able to take complete benefit of the home advantage, a casino needs to guarantee that most of its slot machines and table games follow exactly the same betting and gaming rules. To get this to happen, casino designers regularly experiment with different gambling and gambling mechanisms as a way to attract and retain customers. In a famous instance, the casino has been experimenting with pay-line gaming mechanics, whereas the casino could add a small"reward" amount onto each bet after it had been determined that the gamer had left a wager that was successful. Although this might appear to be a strange concept to your players, the fact of the matter was as long as a casino needed enough money tied up in the bet, the"reward" A mount wasn't in danger.

When it has to do with casino structure, these factors have a wonderful influence on the chances that a casino will succeed in its operations. The casino will soon be using various factors to be able to ascertain what affects the probability that the casino will win and lose. As an example, if the casino includes many tables which play different kinds of games, its chances for every single game may differ. One may feel there is not anything wrong for this, but what goes on when some one wins a jackpot and takes most of the amount of money in the pot? The chances for each one the slots have gone from good to great, but the casino is going to have to pay more income to pay the stakes. It stands to reason this will raise the odds in each one the casino gaming tables around the board.